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Trafalgar Square 2009

Flamenco dancer

Ritmo Andaluz Show

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Alqueria, the personage (Los Recién Llegados)

Alqueria, the personage (Los Recién Llegados)   Of the gentle and not-so-gentle folk of Alqueria, Los Recién Llegados are the most favoured. Their swimming pooled villas sit amidst well manicured lawns and high walls. These luxury abodes occupy the east of the Village between the Río Verde and the Calle Límite. The wealth of Alqueria,…
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Alqueria, an introduction

Alqueria, an introduction   Eight kilometres south from Turrillas in the province of Almería sits the whitewashed village of Alqueria. Like many others villages in the Sierra Alhamilla it has Moorish origins. However unlike most other towns in the area Alqueria squats in a valley. In AD932 the village was indeed on a hill top,…
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The Experiment

The Experiment Don Miguel El Sabio carefully loaded the Remitroot seed into the business end of his particle accelerator. Actually it was a modified washing machine. A Little Gem Wonder Wash Model A34/6. A turn of the control dial to 'Quick Spin' and the contraption started to shake. It then produced a low whine rising…
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Don Miguel El Sabio and the Particle Accelerator

Don Miguel El Sabio and the Particle Accelerator At seventy-nine percent the Alquerian unemployment figure was the highest in the western world. Manuela made passionate pleas for a state sponsored project to get the people back to work. Everyone in the Alquerian establishment took it upon themselves to apply to various international bodies for funding.…
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The Return to Alqueria

The Return to Alqueria The Alquerian pair, Manuela and Antonio Poyato sit listening to a speech of welcome at the Uggabian town-hall given by the mayor of Uggaby, Silly Sid. Silly Sid: “Bla …... bla …...........blaaaaaa...bla..bla.........bla.ba” Three hours later............ Silly Sid: “Bla …... bla …...........blaaaaaa...bla..bla.........bla.ba..big..bla..hand...bla our...bla..bla..visitors” “They are clapping Antonio, what did he say, was…
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by John MacDonald