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Trafalgar Square 2009

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Remitbrick. The fallout

Remitbrick. The fallout Of the countries vying to pour money into the Alquerian Remitbrick and Remitbright project the bulging pockets of the United States won the day. Russia couldn't justify the same sustained level of investment. Britain supplied the pencil sharpeners which became scarce, a situation which was promptly exploited by unscrupulous stationary traders. 'A…
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Remitbrick and Remitbright

Remitbrick and Remitbright Investment in the 'Poyato Institute for the Furtherance of Remitroot and Associated Products' comes from many countries. Financial support from the United States and Russia while Britain supplies the pencil sharpeners. “A good deal for Britain” the Prime Minister declared when she broke the news of British involvement in the scheme. These…
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A Novia for Paco

A Novia for Paco As may be recalled the illustrious Loco Paco had a 'crush' on the lovely Manuela, in fact our little deranged hero was in love, unrequited as it turned out. Paco wasn't one to brood however, he soon moved on, whether this was a measure of strength of character or the fact…
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'Los Dias de Las Dos Chicas'

'Los Dias de Las Dos Chicas' With Alqueria and its Remitroot crop back in Alquerian hands and Manuela and Pepa back in, well we're not sure in whose hands they are in, celebrations were defiantly in order. The day was to be remembered and celebrated annually as 'Los Dias de Las Dos Chicas' to commemorate…
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Waiting for Paco

Waiting for Paco (With apologies to Samuel Beckett) Antonio Poyato, sitting on a low mound is trying to take off his boot. He pulls at it with both hands, panting. He gives up, exhausted, rests, tries again. Loco Paco arrives, dust covered and footsore. Paco: Still a long way to go. Shall we travel together?…
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by John MacDonald