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Trafalgar Square 2009

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Flamenco dancer

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The Source

The Source The 'Alqueria Four' had set out on their expedition to block the source of the stream which irrigates the Remitroot crop. If the stream is blocked the unnamed invading power will be forced to water the Remitroot plants with fresh water thus rendering them impotent and the aggressors will then leave Alqueria. What…
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Time For Reflection

Time For Reflection Readers will of course remember from last week that Manuela had been accidentally shot in her perfectly shaped, wonderfully rounded and in general perfect bottom. Antonio Poyato did the shooting and is now feverishly packing while clutching a tramp-steamer ticket to Baffin Island. Manuela realised that it was all an accident but…
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The Rescue

The Rescue Benjy sat in his cell, forlorn while nervously checking his watch every few seconds and trying not to arouse the suspicions of his jailers. He was a sad sight and there is no sight sadder than an imprisoned Saharan dung beetle waiting for rescue on a Sunday morning. To make matters worse his…
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The Alquerian Expeditionary Force

The Alquerian Expeditionary Force Manuela and her fellow exiles prepared for their first sortie into enemy territory and the liberation of Benjy, Paco's pet Saharan dung beetle. Old man Matas had been persuaded to handover his arsenal of antiquated weapons for the common good. At least it was believed it was for the 'common good'…
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The Transcript

Manuela and Antonio Poyato sit in the Bar of Pongy Pedro on the Spanish side of the Alquerian border. They are in exile and in disguise. Manuela as a Lebanese belly dancer and Antonio Poyato as an itinerant salamander sexer. Their conversation is being recorded by a clandestine microphone floating in a bottle of olive…
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by John MacDonald