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Trafalgar Square 2009

Flamenco dancer

Ritmo Andaluz Show



Antonio? It’s now two thousand and eighteen isn’t it?”

Sí Manuela”

It looks much like two thousand and seventeen, Antonio”

Sí, the same Manuela”

If it’s two thousand and eighteen Antonio, that means I’ve had a hangover all year”

Sí Manuela the same as last year”

Sí Antonio, mucho…..Have you made a New Year’s resolution?”

Sí Manuela, to stop having stupid conversations with you”

Will you keep it Antonio?”

I broke it two minutes ago, Manuela”


Have you made a resolution Manuela?”

Sí Antonio two. To give up drinking Remitroot and to give up men”

Will you keep them Manuela?”

I broke them two hours ago Antonio”

Both of them Manuela?”

Sí, he was delivering the Remitroot”

So this year is the same as last Manuela?”

Sí Antonio mucho…….Loco Paco said the town hall is short of funds so they are just rerunning last year, is that true Antonio?”

Loco Paco’s insane Manuela, as mad as the maracas of Machin, Doolally, Netley fodder, daft as a brush, he has inputs floating Manuela!…….. Yes OK yes it’s true, in fact they have been doing it for years, this is really two thousand and nine, they just keep rewinding it every New Year’s Eve”

Oh, what was I doing in two thousand and nine Antonio?”

Remitroot and men, Manuela”

No change than Antonio?”

No change Manuela”

Antonio? It’s now two thousand and eighteen isn’t it?”

Opinions differ Manuela”



by John MacDonald