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Trafalgar Square 2009

Flamenco dancer

Ritmo Andaluz Show



I’m bored Antonio.”

There’s a dance in the Plaza Mayor tonight Manuela! Shall we go?”

They banned me last week Antonio.”

Why, what DID you do?”

Oh nothing Antonio, they said I danced the Lambada EVERY DANCE.”

You did Manuela, the Paso Doble, the Waltz, the Fox Trot, you even danced it during the band’s interval, that’s why the ‘PornoFlicks-R-Us’ camera crew were there.”

Oh not them again Antonio? Their director, Alonso Sorendo follows me around with a clipboard ….. I know Antonio, we can cross the border into Spain, they are always dancing in Spain!”

You’re banned from Spain Manuela! Your photograph is on the wall in the border station”

Yes, I forgot Antonio, they have my photographs. How did they get them? And aren’t they just supposed to be head and shoulders? Antonio, did you sell them to the border guards?”

Me Manuela? I’m your friend, would I do a thing like that?”

Yes Antonio you bloody well would ….. I know let’s cross the border in disguise, those outfits we wore to the last parade.”

Manuela you went as ‘Mata Hari’ and I as ‘Rasputin’, I think the border guards will ask some question when that pair turn up.”

Sí Antonio, it was a bad choice for the Easter parade wasn’t it?”

Sí Manuela much ….. Do you remember Uggaby in England? That republic within the borders of the UK, whose history is suspiciously like our own. We have an open invitation to go there. Shall we pack a bag, buy an umbrella and go Manuela?”

But Antonio we would have to get to an airport and that means going through Spain.”

But Manuela the Spanish authorities said we could pass through Spain if we were leaving the country. As long as we went straight through and didn’t touch anything on the way.”

Oh yes Antonio I’ll pack while you book the flight.”

So saying our would-be travellers prepared to leave their native land for the distant shores of Great Britain and Uggaby, that republic whose history is suspiciously like that of Alqueria. There was jubilation and much partying in Madrid when news of the pair’s departure became public. The merrymaking was short lived however when it was pointed out that return tickets had been purchased.

Next week, ‘At the Airport’.

Antonio do they dance the Lambada in England?”


A photo journey
through Spain


Written by:
John MacDonald
Patricia Díaz Pereda.

ISBN 978-1-909612-70-9
To order from Amazon.co.uk
Click here

by John MacDonald



Moving on a pavement artist. London. 2009



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